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In my latest posts I have been talking about violent energy around the world. It is a fact that human beings are not yet able to put aside their egos and choose love and peace, so instead they choose power, control, violence and death at the cost of thousands of innocent lives. All leaders, governments, and influential groups in this world have the same interests and become victims of what they themselves have created. If you create terrorism, hate, oppression and violence, you will have that in return.

The event in Israel can now be analysed since we have the birth time of the country, which is often difficult to locate when it comes to a country's birth details.

The creation of Israel as a country also marked the start of this war, and, at that time, we also had Saturn connecting with Rahu in the 8th house of death and unexpected events. Natal Rahu and Ketu in Israel chart are in Aries and Libra, the exact position of the nodes rightn now, which happens each 18,5 years. The last time the nodes transited these signs was 2004, a time of conflict in the Middle East. Moreover, Mars and Ketu are naturally connected in Israel’s chart as well which is not good for peace in the country. Israel has natal Saturn, Pluto and the Moon in the 11th house: control and psychological manipulation (Pluto with the Moon) over groups (11th house), the labour class (Saturn) and the masses (Moon). There is control over the enemies as well.

Another important aspect is that Israel just started its Rahu cycle, which will go until 2040, and for Israel Rahu indicates death, unexpected events, deep transformation, losses, hidden enemies, changes in the government and in the country itself.

Natal Jupiter retrograde in the 4th house of the homeland also expands natal Mars's energy and represents a tense relationship with the opposite parties (7th house - the opposite of ASCendant) in the home.


On 3 October, Mars entered Libra and is in conjunction with Ketu, both in Chitra nakshatra, ruled by Mars itself, with conflictive energies becoming more intense.

On 7 October, the day of the attack, Mars directly aspected Rahu and Saturn is in Shatabhishak (in Aquarius, an air sign) connecting to Rahu in Aries (fire sign). Rahu is in Gandanta, an “out-of-control”position, throughout the end of the year. Mars represents fire and weapons, Saturn represents oil, Rahu represents gas, and Libra is an air sign.

The Moon and Mars are very important triggers in a chart. On Saturday, the Moon triggered the 4th house of the homeland (through Punarvasu), opponents and the 10th house of government in Israel’s chart. Mars triggered Israel natal Ketu, being squared by Pluto (destruction and death). Mars and Ketu connections represent terrorist attacks.

Transiting Mars in Libra started aspecting natal Sun, the ruler of 12th house of hidden enemies in Israel's chart.

Transiting Venus was crossing the exact degree that she went retrograde back on 22 July in the 12th house of Israel’s chart and opposed by Saturn and conjunct Israel natal Mars within a degree.

Transiting Saturn, located in Israel 6th house of conflicts and enemies, aspected natal Mars in the 12th house of losses within 1 degree and natal Mars represents neighbours in Israel’s chart (3rd house). Mars for Israel also represents unexpected and transformational events (8th house). Persistent conflicts with neighbours.

Transiting Uranus is in a 6/8 relationship with the ASC (1st house) of Israel and within a degree. Uranus stands for unexpected events as well as energy and electricity.

Jupiter transiting over natal Rahu (almost exact degree) triggered issues related with neighbours and hidden enemies.

Israel’s President has the eclipse falling exactly on his natal Moon, the ruler of the 9th house, which is a huge trigger for change. Mars and Ketu conjunction is happening right besides his natal Sun, the ruler of the 10th house of career and social status, and in his 12th house of endings, losses and hidden enemies.


We just entered the eclipse season so we might see things intensifying in the coming weeks especially the day after the eclipse when the Moon transits both Mars and Ketu. The next solar eclipse (14 October) will trigger the ASC of Israel within around 3 degrees, which brings transformational changes to the country itself in the coming 6 months to one year.

The lunar eclipse on 28 October will also be very intense with the Moon in the 8th house.

17 October: Transiting Sun conjuncts Mars and Ketu which might instigate anger and violence.

Transiting Saturn will stand still between 1-7 November which makes his influence extremely strong more so because it aspects the 12th house of Israel and natal Mars (neighbours). It is a time of extreme violence.

When Rahu moves into Pisces by the end of November, the conflict might become less violent, but the tension and violence in this region is unfortunately persistent.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!

Hari OM!


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