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Updated: Jan 28, 2023

The purpose of this article is to explain the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic from its outbreak to the present day as well as its understanding in the near future. It is not the intention of the authors to create fear but rather to demonstrate the value of Vedic Astrology in understanding the spread of viruses throughout the world and potential future pandemics.


Coronavirus (Covid-19) is an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus that is spread through a person’s mouth or nose in small liquid particles when they cough, sneeze, speak, sing or breathe. In mundane astrology, Rahu rules epidemics, diseases, and poisons. Whenever Rahu is conjunct a planet, it magnifies its influence. Therefore, Rahu is believed to play a crucial role in spreading Covid-19. But is it enough for Rahu alone to indicate the spread of a virus? It seems impossible to focus only on one variable. In the following analysis, it is proven that when Mars comes into contact with Rahu, the virus would take a form and spread into the human body. Here, the role of Mars is taking place since Mars signifies force that is infused into the human body. Therefore, the role of Rahu and Mars is crucial in the analysis of Covid-19 and, for that matter, the astrological study of any virus. Moreover, the virus needs a carrier to spread as well as an environment to be able to manifest through symptoms. As a result, the environment has to be an airy sign. We shall also consider air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) in our analysis. Consequently, Rahu along with Mars and an airy sign play a very important role in the spreading of the virus. The next question would be: are these variables sufficient to cause a widespread pandemic? It is here that the role of Jupiter has to be considered as Jupiter is the karaka for expansion or enlargement. In this manner, the widespread cases of Covid-19 become difficult to control since Rahu, Mars, Jupiter, along with an airy sign, come into play.


The analyses of the charts are illustrated with an astrological chart in order for the reader to have a better understanding. The software used was Parashara’s Light. The standard location, except Chart 1, is Brussels, Belgium. Please note that the time in the charts (12:00) is not to be considered, and that the true node is used for Rahu and Ketu.



The first reported Covid-19 case was on 31 December 2019 in Wuhan, China (see chart 1). We see that Rahu is in an airy sign (Gemini), Jupiter is opposing Rahu, and Mars is aspecting Rahu by its 8th aspect. They are all connected as well as with an airy sign. This happened right after the Solar Eclipse of 26 December 2019 with Ketu in Mula and Rahu in Ardra. On 13 January 2020, the first case of Covid-19 was reported outside of China, in Thailand.

Chart 1: 31 December 2019

On 11 March 2020 (see chart 2), the pandemic was officially declared. From 9 February to 23 March, Mars was conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius and opposed Rahu in Gemini. Rahu was in an airy sign, Gemini. The aspect of Jupiter and Mars upon Rahu swiftly became the reason for the high spread of the deadly virus. In order to prevent Covid-19 from spreading further, most countries had no choice but to apply lockdowns during the months of April to June.

Chart 2: 11 March 2020


Around the world, the period between 22 February (see chart 3) and 7 June of 2021 was very critical, with the period between March and April being particularly severe. This was the period when new viral mutations started to appear. Mars moved to Taurus and conjoined Rahu (22 February - 8 April) both receiving the aspect of Jupiter. At this time, the connection with an airy sign comes through the Sun being in the nakshatra of Rahu (Shatabhishak) in the airy sign of Aquarius, and through Mars also connecting with the Sun in Aquarius by being in Krittika.

Chart 3: 22 February 2021

On 5 March, Jupiter entered the nakshatra of Mars, Dhanishta, and on 6 April, Jupiter moved to Aquarius, bringing the connection of an air sign to both Mars and Jupiter. From 25 April (see chart 4) to 18 May, Rahu comes into the picture because Mars was in the nakshatra of Ardra (Rahu). Mars was also aspected by Jupiter.

Chart 4: 25 April 2021

As of 22 May (see chart 5), Jupiter moved into the nakshatra of Rahu, Shatabishak, and aspected Mars, bringing together all the variables again - Air sign (Aquarius) + Jupiter + Mars + Rahu. This combination was active until 1 June when Mars moved to Cancer. However, even if not aspected by Jupiter, Mars was still in Punarvasu nakshatra (Jupiter) until 7 June.

Chart 5: 22 May 2021

After the summer of 2021, the period between 14 September and 17 January of 2022 witnessed an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases. From 14 September, Jupiter, at this time retrograde, moved back to Capricorn and started to aspect both Rahu in Taurus and Mars in Virgo. The spread became higher from 22 October (see chart 6) onwards, when Mars moved to the air sign Libra and started aspecting Rahu and Jupiter. Jupiter was already in the nakshatra of Mars (Dhanishta) and aspecting Rahu. Even when Jupiter moved out of Capricorn to Aquarius on 21 November and did not give an aspect to Rahu anymore, Jupiter was still connected with Mars, both sitting in each other’s nakshatra (Vishakha and Dhanishta).

Chart 6: 22 October 2021


From 5 December 2021 (see chart 7) to 16 January of 2022, Mars moved to Scorpio and was aspecting both Rahu and Jupiter. Jupiter was in Aquarius, bringing an air sign to the combination. New infections were reported every day at that time, and when nearly 60% of the population was vaccinated. We could consider that the spread in this period could have been contained due to higher rates of vaccination than in previous phases of the pandemic.

Chart 7: 5 December 2021

From 18 May onwards, cases of monkeypox were reported from an increasing number of countries and regions, predominantly in Europe but also in North and South America, in Asia, in Africa, and in Oceania. On May 17, Mars moved to Pisces and conjoined Jupiter. However, it was not until 27 June (see chart 8) that Mars joined Rahu in Aries and started to aspect Ketu in an air sign - Libra. Ketu was in the nakshatra of Jupiter (Vishakha). Once again, we see Mars, Rahu, and Jupiter all connected to an air sign. On 23 July, the WHO declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern. Note that Mars stayed in Aries with Rahu until August 10. Therefore, the connection between Rahu and Mars indicates that it ignited the Virus.

Chart 8: 27 June 2022


During the year 2023, there are two critical periods to take into consideration: 22 April - 15 May and 8 July - 15 November. From 22 April (see chart 9), we will see Jupiter moving into Aries and conjunct Rahu. At this time, Mars will be in an air sign (Gemini) and in the nakshatra of Jupiter (Punarvasu). Jupiter will also be aspecting Ketu in an air sign (Libra). From 22 April to 15 May, Mars will be in Punarvasu, Jupiter’s nakshatra.

Chart 9: 22 April 2023

Between 15 May and 30 June, there is no connection with Mars through aspect or nakshatra. Later, from 1 July (see chart 10), Mars will move to Leo and will be aspected by Jupiter. From 8 July and until 28 November, Ketu will be in the nakshatra of Chitra (Mars) in the Libra portion. As a result, Rahu, Mars, Jupiter and Ketu (representing Mars) are once again in contact with an air sign (Libra). Moreover, from 19 August and until 3 October, Mars will aspect Jupiter and Rahu, which could intensify the spread of the virus, even more when Mars enters Libra on 4 October (see chart 11), where it will remain until 15 November.

Chart 10: 1 July 2023

Chart 11: 4 October 2023

Thus, in conclusion, the period between 22 April and 28 November 2023 should be looked at with caution. There is a high probability that the whole world is likely to experience a high degree of virus spread which can affect the lives of people.


After the analysis of the previous charts, we may conclude that a repeating pattern has been observed which makes this analysis extremely useful. The pattern involves Rahu, Jupiter, and Mars in combination with an airy sign. We are not going in detail here but it is interesting to mention that when the ebola outbreak started in March of 2014, Jupiter was in Gemini in Ardra nakshatra and aspecting Mars and Rahu in Libra both in Chitra (Mars). The previous outbreak in 1976 (August-November) showed Jupiter aspecting Mars in Virgo and Rahu in Libra. Later, by the end of September, Mars was conjunct Rahu in Libra and aspected Jupiter.

Authors: Sara Costa and Girish Vaithilingan

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