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Healing through the Stars
Astrology. Āyurveda. Yogic Practices.

What to expect?

"Healing through the Stars" offers a unique alternative to modern counselling, grounded in Vedic traditions. Unlike conventional approaches that focus solely on the material, social, and emotional aspects of life, and divide life in different sections, "Healing through the Stars" delves deeper, providing a holistic perspective with lasting results. This approach has the natal or birth chart (horoscope) as the foundation to start the healing process. It uses the amazing healing power of Vedic Astrology, along with Āyurveda, and incorporates yogic practices and modern techniques, drawing from both my personal and professional experiences. By using the world as a mirror, this approach facilitates profound self-healing by harnessing the remarkable potential of our natal charts, which reflect our true power and our connection to the universe. The key lies in the wounds we carry, which often are coming from past lifetimes, as they reveal what we need for healing. These wounds guide us to the points where we need to heal. As we heal, we become more relaxed and aligned with our true essence. Ancient Vedic wisdom can further deepen this process, allowing us to expand our understanding of ourselves, enhancing both our consciousness and awareness, turning pain into wisdom. 

The consultation(s) foster an empowering journey, aligning you with your life's purpose and guiding you towards a more fulfilling, balanced, and sacred existence. The first consultation takes 1h30. Follow-up consultations last 1h, and are recommended so that you are supported throughout the process. 

Image by Benjamin Voros

"In Vedic counselling, the person is inspired with the right motivation, intention, and attention, which then unfolds a deeper awareness that brings balance and healing on all levels."


Principles of Integrative Counselling
The consultation is rooted in Vedantic principles, emphasising integration with the entire universe and the five states of matter: ether, wind, fire, water, and earth. In Yoga and Vedanta, the mind is considered a function of consciousness, while the brain is viewed as a function of the mind. This perspective enables us to use the mind to heal and regulate the brain, and to harness inner consciousness to govern the mind—a fundamental principle in Yogic and Ayurvedic psychology.

"Healing through the stars" provides an individualised approach according to each individual and his/her needs. This approach of counselling extends beyond physical and psychological aspects, incorporating various areas of life, including career, karma, lifestyle, and relationships. 

Healing Journey Programme

The Healing Journey is a commitment you make in a programme that lasts 3 (minimum) to 6 months, depending on your own needs. Please see Holistic Programs for more information.


  • Overcome limitations and fears: support in overcoming personal challenges and traumas. 

  • Stress Reduction: help in reducing stress through holistic practices.

  • Overcome addictions: gives your freedom back to you

  • Introspection and Self-knowledge: give tools for a deeper connection and understanding of yourself. 

  • Lifestyle Balance: assist in achieving and maintaining balance in your life. 

  • Healing Relationships: we live in relations all our lives and these bring challenges and opportunities for our personal growth as human beings

  • Conscious Living: teach methods for living more consciously and purposefully. 

Free Discovery Call

Schedule a free discovery call with me to understand how this approach can support you. 

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