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Saturn's Final Transit in Capricorn: Breakdown of the Old - Clearing the Path for the New

Today, 12 July, Saturn retrogrades back to Capricorn, where it will remain until 17 January 2023. In 2020, Saturn entered Capricorn and reminded us that we couldn't keep living the way we were living, with no respect for the environment and for each other - then we were confined to our homes. Now, Shani is coming back to do his last review and revisit a lot of issues.

Capricorn is the natural 10th house, which represents our careers, social status, governments, leadership, world order, power structures, hierarchy, and the economy. Discipline, structure, responsibility, accountability, karmic justice, and the labour class are all represented by Saturn. As a result, the last transit of Saturn in Capricorn will shake the economy, governments, leaders and politicians. Also, Saturn being in Dhanishta nakshatra relates to finances, wealth and money, which will face a hard time. Additionally, Pluto is also in Capricorn, representing a breakdown in hierarchical structures. Pluto is about death and rebirth and he will stay in Capricorn for 20 years. In a general way, people might also want to change and/or transform their careers.

While Saturn transits Capricorn, he is still in its retrograde cycle which started on June 4 and will end on October 23. From the Earth’s perspective, retrograde planets appear to move backwards. This planet is out of control and unstable. They are actually closer to the Earth during this time. Retrograde Saturn is very powerful and forces us to look back and reflect on our past actions and at the same time, the results of those actions are shown - good or bad, depending on the karma we have accumulated. The retrograde process will end up unfinished work. Things will be revisited. This retrograde Saturn is special due to its aspect on Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, which will cause severe weather, floods, and rainfall all over the world, but will also benefit those on a spiritual path. Saturn brings us to reality and to the present moment, so it will bring delusion and deception (Neptune) around the globe. Conflicts and disputes between religions will be intensified due to Saturn’s aspect on Jupiter and on Pisces.

From July 16, planets such as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will transit Cancer, the opposite sign to Capricorn. Cancer symbolises security and our emotional mind, and Saturn opposing it brings feelings of insecurity caused by governments. When the Sun goes into Cancer (July 16-August 16), world leaders and governments will encounter a lot of opposition as Saturn (labour class) opposes the Sun (world leaders). As Saturn approached Capricorn, protests were already occurring in Sri Lanka, and the government of Argentina is imposing oppressive policies on their citizens who want to travel abroad. It is important to remember that Argentina was directly affected by the path of the previous eclipse on 30 April. This year, Argentina's inflation is expected to reach 70%.

Mercury aspected by Saturn (July 16-August 1) will result in a lack of dialogue and communication, a general disruption in travel, and a lack of security due to the way governments handle world affairs. A major transformation will take place in everything that has to do with government affairs.

On October 23, Saturn will station at 24 degrees of Capricorn where he is standing still at this degree for a long time before going direct. Watch out if you have planets near this degree in Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer or Libra. Saturn will also square Uranus at this time - sudden shifts and changes, earthquakes, problems related to aeroplanes and airlines. It is the breakdown of the old that has prevented us from moving forward. Saturn is structure and organisation while Uranus is revolution and freedom. Saturn rules the old and the past while Uranus rules the future and the new. Uranus is the Great Awakener. However, the sudden process of awakening is challenging with a sense of letting go and surrender. Today, Rahu is changing to Bharani nakshatra, which represents the womb and the birth process.

It is also important to keep an eye on Saturn's aspect on Ketu in Libra. With Ketu in Libra, there is already a lack of diplomacy, but Saturn retrograde aspects it and it creates a lot of imbalance. Karmic incidents might take place as a result of collective karma. Important to note that Mars is aspecting Ketu from 27 June until 10 August. Sadly, we have already witnessed a lot of violence and anger, as well as the assassination of Japan's former prime minister on 8 July. Mars and Ketu represent terrorism, violence, and attacks. As Mars approaches Rahu by the end of the month, we are experiencing waves of high temperatures around the world. Also, heat on Earth represents collective anger and frustration that is boiling inside and has to be released.

Since there is a lot happening on the outside, it is extremely important to stay grounded, meditate, and spend time in nature. Are we going back to the way we lived before 2020 or are we moving forward? Have we learned anything from our own life and actions?

Fulfilling and recognising our duties, being humble, doing spiritual practices, staying close to nature, eating healthy, chanting mantras are simple ways to deal with Saturn's energy!

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of this important transit on a personal level, book a Vedic Astrology reading with me.

Hari OM!

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