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Vedic Counselling takes a different approach than modern counselling. The Vedic view does not accept only the material, social and emotional aspects of life, but its focus goes deeper into a more holistic approach with lasting results. It integrates Vedic practices of Yoga, Āyurveda, Vedanta and Vedic Astrology that show us how ancient Vedic wisdom can expand ways of looking at ourselves as well as our consciousness and awareness.

The consultations facilitate introspection and Self-knowledge, assist the process of finding a lifestyle balance, help in reducing stress, help overcome limitations and fears, and teach how to live consciously, empowering you in accordance with your life's purpose.


Vedic Counselling rests upon Vedantic principles of integration with the entire universe and with the five states of matter (ether, wind, fire, water and earth). Its view reflects a profound cosmology as well as yogic philosophy and psychology.

According to Yoga and Vedanta, the mind is the function of consciousness and the brain is the function of the mind. Hence, we can use the mind to heal and control our brain and use the inner consciousness to control the mind - this is the basis of Yogic and Ayurvedic psychology. 

Vedic teachings guide us how to control our brain chemistry from within, looking deeply to the root cause of any disturbances of the body and mind. 


The scope of the consultations is not only physical and psychological, but also incorporates different areas of life including, among others, career, karma, lifestyle, and relationships. 

Image by Mor Shani

"In Vedic counselling, the person is inspired with the right motivation, intention, and attention, which then unfolds a deeper awareness that brings balance and healing on all levels."

Dr. Vasant Lad



The aim of the first consultation is to know and understand the unique person regarding inner and outer nature by integrating Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology. Once the analysis is complete, it is possible to choose the best and most effective approach in order to combine the biological and mental disposition of the person to find balance.



Follow-up consultations are highly recommended in order to guide the person throughout the process. 



The consultations offer guidance through individual solutions and recommendations with strategies for change, and how to use and integrate them properly on a regular basis. These include diet and lifestyle recommendations, Yoga exercises such as pranayama (developing the observation of our breath), meditation, and mantras, among others, and all according to each individual's Ayurvedic constitution.

Vedic Astrology is applied in Vedic Counselling as well once it clarifies the aspects identified in the first consultation, and helps understanding karma and dharma (life purpose). It is also an important tool for understanding karmic influences (karmic management).

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