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  • 1 h
  • 86 euros
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

"Healing through the Stars" offers a unique alternative to modern counselling, grounded in Vedic traditions. Unlike conventional approaches that focus solely on the material, social, and emotional aspects of life, and divide life in different sections, "Healing through the Stars" delves deeper, providing a holistic perspective with lasting results. This type of counselling is based on the natal chart and the healing power of Vedic Astrology, along with Āyurveda, and incorporating yogic practices, drawing from both my personal and professional experiences. By using the world as a mirror, this approach facilitates profound self-healing, harnessing the remarkable power of our natal charts and our connection with the universe as invaluable tools for healing. Ancient Vedic wisdom can expand our understanding of ourselves, enhancing both our consciousness and awareness. CONSULTATION(S) OBJECTIVES - Introspection and Self-knowledge: give tools for a deeper connection and understanding of yourself. - Lifestyle Balance: assist in achieving and maintaining balance in your life. - Stress Reduction: help in reducing stress through holistic practices. - Dealing with difficult emotions such as fear, anger and grief - Support in overcoming personal challenges and traumas. - Conscious Living: teach methods for living more consciously and purposefully. During the consultation, recommendations will be advised with strategies to help you incorporate them into your daily life. In case further consultation is needed, I offer follow-up consultations. Please see Healing Through the Stars in the main menu for detailed information and the Healing Journey package in my Consultations offer. During the session, try to be in a calm and relaxed environment. Thank you! Sara

Contact Details

8000 Brugge, Belgium

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