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The Vedas are the oldest and most extensive spiritual scriptures of ancient India dating back around 5000 years ago (1500-2000 B.C.).  These scriptures form the basis for different Vedic sciences or disciplines, such as Yoga, Vedic Astrology, and Āyurveda, the oldest medical system in the world.

Vedic Astrology and the traditional Indian system of astrology, known as Jyotiṣa in Sanskrit, is not a belief system but a complex science based on astronomy, astrophysics, mathematics, geometry, metaphysics, psychology, mythology and spirituality. Jyotiṣa consists of the study of the subtle energies emanating from the gravitational attraction exerted by Earth’s and planets’ magnetic fields upon human beings, influencing the human body and mind. Even though astronomy has made extraordinary discoveries, the study of cosmic forces' influence on human's lives has yet to be recognised by the scientific community. 


The highest human potential develops not merely through knowledge, science and technology, but also by reaching a cosmic and transcendental level of consciousness. Therefore, we must distance ourselves from our thought-based mind and let go of the distractions of the outside world. To truly know ourselves, we must know the entire universe within us, going beyond the limitations of time, space and karma.

The ancient methods of Jyotiṣa are recognised as one of the most accurate predictive systems. As much as Vedic Astrology is a predictive art, it is in essence a system of Self-healing, guidance, and counselling. Our astrological birth chart provides  all the information we need to improve and heal ourselves, as well as to understand our destiny.


Vedic Astrology and Āyurveda are both applied in Vedic Counselling, which emphasises Self-awareness and Self-knowledge through a holistic approach that considers mind, body, and pure consciousness (soul) as a whole. At a time when the world and society undergo unprecedented changes and transformations, introspection and Self-awareness are more important than ever. In these challenging times, and throughout our lives, Vedic sciences provide invaluable guidance.


"The consultation with Sara came precisely at a time when I was in need of some understanding and alignment about certain points in my life. Sara guided me through the consultation in a wonderful way: I always felt heard, understood, and enlightened about any detail we were talking about. Sara touched points that I didn't even have in mind because they were so far away, which intensifies the feeling of clarity about what we are scrutinizing. The consultation was much more than I could ever have expected. The feeling is that it came at the right time to bring me some answers that I was looking for. I think that Vedic astrology is really that, getting to know ourselves better and looking for some answers that bring us serenity about what we live in our past, present and future. A big big thank you Sara!"

Isaura V.


"I've been studying Ayurveda for a while now, but I've struggled to pinpoint my constitution in mind and body. It is finally clear for me now, thanks to our consultation. Your instructions and recommendations are very helpful and will definitely help me with applying Ayurveda in my daily life."

Z. S. Poland 

Ayurvedic Astrology 

"Vedic astrology has shown me a depth of understanding about myself at levels I could never have imagined. Sara is an excellent professional with very solid method and knowledge. The consultation provides us with a deep holistic view, focuses us better on our path and calms the various processes we may be going through, precisely for its better understanding. As it can be recorded, it also allows us to reflect whenever we want. I strongly advise!"

José Amaral


"I was very eager to receive a reading of my natal chart from Vedic astrology and I decided to do it with Sara. 100% recommendable!!! Generous and very clear in the explanations. In addition to receiving a fantastic treatment, the reading illuminated doubts, confirmed things that I already knew, and reaffirmed other aspects of my life and personality. Everything has become an increase in confidence in myself, in my intuition, and in my life. I'm really thankful!"

Eva Ibáñez Cano


"The Vedic birth chart reading I had with Sara was amazing, and I'm impressed by her knowledge and understanding of the energies in the chart. It hit the nail on the head! She is highly recommended for her empathic nature and accuracy of details. Sara is also a wonderful teacher!"

Silvia Grupp


"I have contacted Sara through a friend and I am delighted and grateful for all the information she gave me through the reading of my natal chart and later about the solar return. Sara is professional, attentive and a very good communicator. She conveys her knowledge of astrological interpretation very well. The information from the readings is helping me with my personal growth and in getting to know myself better."



"The consultation was very insightful and it was very nice to confirm my personality traces with the planets and stars. It has been like a reconciliation with myself. The information I received has been helpful to make decisions, and to trust what's to come. Sara is very committed to her job and I was very impressed with her intuition and kindness. Also, it is very helpful to have the recording of the session to come back to it later. I definitely recommend doing a reading with Sara and tuning in with your celestial pathway." 

Laisvie Ochoa


"The consultation with Sara was great and I am grateful for this experience. Sara explained very well and I Iearned a lot in the session about my natal chart and got many "aha moments". On the one hand, that has helped me to understand myself better and on the other hand, the knowledge of meaning of my star constellations supports me on my life's journey. I highly recommend chart readings with Sara."

Edith Biba


"I recently had a Vedic Astrological consultation with Sara and I am absolutely delighted with her skills as a counsellor. She explained the contents of my chart clearly, distinctly and therefore very comprehensibly. In addition, she gave me some advice on which energies I should pay special attention to in the coming time and how I can support my spiritual energy.

Many, many thanks dear Sara  💫🙏🏼"

Marianne E.


"I had a consultation with Sara after a very challenging time on a personal level. Her explanations were very clear. She takes her time to explain everything. Sara is really good at what she does."

Nadia Feys


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