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  • 1 hour
  • 140 euros
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

Synastry, or Relationship Compatibility, delves into the Vedic natal charts of two individuals to unveil the intricacies of their connection. Through the lens of Vedic Astrology, this practice illuminates interpersonal dynamics, identifies obstacles, and offers pathways to overcome them. In my practice, I employ a unique technique from South India, passed down to me by my teacher, Girish. Sessions can be tailored as individual consultations or joint sessions with your partner, catering to various types of relationships, whether romantic or business-oriented. For your convenience, consultations can be recorded for future reference. To enhance accessibility, payments can be made in two instalments: the first upon booking and the second up to 24 hours before the consultation. Thank you! Sara

Contact Details

8000 Brugge, Belgium

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